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Turmeric Supplements

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The potential health benefits of curcumin include better regulation of inflammation. It is used in the treatment of numerous inflammatory conditions for its anti-inflammatory effects. So, not only is turmeric good for your waist line, it’s good for your body, too.

Turmeric with BioPerine®

Our turmeric capsules contain patented BioPerine® extract with 95% Curcuminoids. Our Turmeric Pro contains 12,500mg of slow-release curcumin per dose, one of the strongest turmeric capsules on the market. Now available in foil sealed blister packs.

Turmeric for Weight Loss

Consumption of curcumin from turmeric can promote weight loss by inducing browning of the fat-storing white adipose tissues. This can be very effective in preventing excessive weight gain. Brown fat in the body assists in heat creation and fat burning.

Boost your weight loss with our fat burning supplements

Our range of quality fat burners, made from natural ingredients.

All our fat burners are made in the UK to the highest standards, made from natural herbal ingredients from scientific study backed extracts. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee across our range, so you can return your order if you change your mind.

Add a cleansing supplement to boost your results

If you suffer from bloating or constipation, we’d recommend combining our DetoxPlus alongside a fat burner for a dual action effect. Our DetoxPlus is made from herbs and fibres to reduce bloating over a gentle 30 day course.

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Meal Replacement Shakes

Trust EvoShake Meal Replacement to help you lose weight today.

Forget the gloopy, lumpy and bland meal replacements of the past, EvoShake is a creamy, delicious and easy to mix shake which you can trust.

Easy to stay on track without planning every meal

If you find you struggle to keep on track with your diet, try our delicious meal replacements to eliminate the stress of healthy meal planning & cooking to allow you to focus on your day.

Only 222 calories per serving

Mix with semi-skimmed milk for a delicious meal replacement shake that doesn’t taste like a meal replacement shake – with just 222 calories! Use once or twice a day to keep your weight loss plans on track without counting calories.