Does anxiety plague your bedroom encounters and leave you reluctant to start new relationships?

You’re not alone… 1 in 10 men in the world suffer from erectile dysfunction, yet you don’t have to let it define you. Nor do you have to let it impact on your confidence. Instead you can take back CONTROL in the bedroom and achieve POWERFUL, ROCK HARD erections that last.

You can be the stallion you want to be

Reclaim your sexual drive, stamina and prowess with Viasil

Our all natural and stimulant free formula supplies your body with a unique combination of energy enhancement and increased oxygen delivery aimed at increasing blood flows, improving your endurance levels, and bringing longevity to your erections.

Viasil works to assist your body’s natural ATP and mitochondria functions to boost Nitric Oxide production, associated with lasting vitality, stamina, and the strength to take your partner deep into the throws of passion.

Viasil essentially encourages the synergy of two energy systems – ATP and ADP – to help bring your body renewed vitality, energy, and endurance.

Our potent formulation can naturally assist to increase blood flow and oxygen delivery, as well as greater short term energy and endurance.

These effects can be a result of raised Nitric Oxide production and increased vasodilation (blood vessel dilation). Together this can help your muscles, organs, and particularly your penis to receive more blood, giving the energy to be more active.

  • Support your body to increase power – perfect for giving you a strong start in the sack as it may enable you to harness the ATP reserves in your muscles and show your partner just how much you want them.

  • Naturally increase endurance – through a combination of sustained aerobic derived energy and ATP synthesis in your mitochondria. Imagine showing your partner who is boss as you have the stamina to keep her coming all night long.

  • Increase your energy levels – imagine you’ll have the drive, the power, and the confidence to take your revitalised libido and erection strength and put it to the test.

  • Keep your blood pumping – by raising Nitric Oxide production and improving blood vessel dilation/blood flows your arousal will quickly become evident. More importantly, by boosting male hormone levels your orgasms could be even more mind blowing.

Imagine it…

It is crazy how much of a difference simply increasing your ATP and Nitric Oxide production could make to your sex life. These are both natural processes that already happen in your body; however, due to health, age, stress, and anxiety these processes can become hindered and ultimately impact on your ability to maintain an erection.

Yet by giving your body the nutritional support it needs to overcome this, you too might experience the highs of renewed vigour, stamina, and endurance.

Imagine it… no more fear. No more self-doubt. No more entering the bedroom with hesitation…

Instead, imagine being able to confidently look in the mirror, and K

NOW that you are in complete control. Imagine you KNOW that when you next stumble into the bedroom – both lost in the heat of passion – you are able to get it up, maintain an erection, and drive her wild, as you have the energy, the stamina, and the power to keep her coming – again, again and again.

There’ll be nothing stopping you…


Because the steps you will have taken to try to achieve this will be natural and safe; the best way to try and boost your existing bodily functions.


Viasil aims to take what your body already has and make it better…

Unlike a lot of supplements which trigger false, chemical reactions that don’t last, at its core, Viasil simply strives to support what your body already does.

You already naturally create ATP and Nitric Oxide, but with age, stress and illness, their production can drop. Similarly, our constant exposure to free radicals can slowly damage our blood vessels making it harder for them to dilate and transport blood.

This is why Viasil has the ability to be so beneficial, as it could help support your body’s energy systems by possibly boosting ATP and Nitric Oxide production – which both help feeding your body energy and ensuring healthy blood flows.

You can instantly benefit from healthier, stronger erections once your penis no longer has problems receiving the blood flows it needs to get hard and perform.

Similarly, our use of antioxidant and vitamin enriched ingredients aims to stimulate a revival in vitality, energy, strength, and performance.

Revolutionise the way you perform

The tools for change are at your fingertips…

Increased energy levels

We use citrus and pomegranate within our formulation to target your short term and long term energy systems. Both can help to boost natural ATP and Nitric Oxide levels in the body, ensuring increased blood flows and mitochondrial action – everything you need to feel energised, strong and ready to take action in the bedroom.

Powerful, rock hard erections

Every one of our ingredients has been specially chosen for their ability to increase Nitric Oxide production and the ability to help your body benefit from healthy blood flows. By encouraging vasodilation – and relaxing the arteries in your penis – you put yourself in the position to experience stronger, more potent erections that will take you and your partner to new levels of pleasure.

Renewed stamina and endurance

Imagine the look on your partner’s face when you go for longer than ever before. Passion? Lust? Unadulterated desire? Assisting ATP synthesis helps you gain the muscle strength and prowess to keep driving her crazy (but in a good way).

Revived sexual desire and confidence

Our use of Tribulus Terrestris and Damiana can naturally reawaken your sexual desire and libido, bringing renewed confidence to your encounters in the bedroom. There’ll be no mistaking your intent when they can see how aroused you are.

Take charge in the bedroom like never before!

So what are you waiting for?

Erectile dysfunction doesn’t have to shape who you are or the way your relationships pan out.

Instead, by offering your body the tools to naturally boost its ATP and Nitric Oxide efficiency, you too can be one step closer to experiencing the highs of thicker, stronger erections and the stamina to put them through their paces.